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About Leo

Leo: July 23 - August 22

Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Polarity Yang/Masculine
Planetary Ruler: Sun
Meditation: I trust the strength of my soul
Gemstone: Ruby
Power Stones: Topaz, sardonyx
Key Phrase: I will
Glyph: Lions tail
Anatomy: Heart, upper back
Color: Gold, scarlet
Animal: Lions, large cats
Myths/Legends: Apollo, Isis, Helios
House: Fifth
Opposite Sign: Aquarius
Flower: Marigold, sunflower
Key Word: Magnetic

Leo sign of the Lion. Element of fire, creative and grandiose. Leo you see yourself as the center of life. There is no sign in the zodiac more proud and regal.
Like your sign, you rule majestically over your kingdom. Leo's are warm and generous by nature and believe in giving yourself wholeheartedly. In return, you expect the same loyalty and integrity you exhibit to others. You tend to do things in a grand and flamboyant manner, and are at your best in your own environment, especially when you are the object of everyone's attention. By focusing a great deal on how others perceive you, you have a talent for appearing regal and stately before others.

Leo's are practical, enthusiastic, hard-working and remarkably self-confident, you prefer positions of authority. Your strong sense of integrity and optimism make you a great leader. However, you have a bad habit of becoming lazy and indolent if your desire for authority is not fulfilled. You enjoy the good life and will spare no expense in surrounding yourself with the finest of things: Nothing is too good for you.

You dislike the ordinary and routine, and have a constant desire for the exciting. You also have an insatiable thirst for admiration, but your natural optimism and sunny disposition will bring you back to earth.

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