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About Pisces

Pisces: February 19 - March 20
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Polarity Yin/Feminine
Planetary Ruler: Neptune
Meditation: I successfully navigate the seas of my emotions.
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Power Stones: Amethyst, bloodstone, tourmaline
Key Phrase: I beleive
Glyph: Two fish, swimming in opposite directions
Anatomy: Feet, lymphatic system
Color: Sea green, violet
Animal: Fish, sea mammals
Myths/Legends: Aphrodite, Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth
House: Twelfth
Opposite Sign: Virgo
Flower: Water Lily
Key Word: Transcendence

Pisces symbol of the Fish bound together. Element of water, emotional and compassionate. Pisces you represent eternity, reincarnation, and spiritual rebirth. You are said to have deep intuitions into the human psyche. Because you are a highly spiritual being, your sensitivity to your surroundings is unmatched in the zodiac.

Pisces have a sense of illusion and mystery; your personality is elusive and difficult to define. You are an individual of duality and indecision, causing you to have trouble defining yourself apart from your surroundings. Instead, you tend to use your powers or perception to blend into your surroundings, much like that of a chameleon. You are quick to avoid a fight and are often taken advantage of.

The Pisces charm, humor and sympathy open doors for you. You are gentle and kind, yet extremely moody. You tend to have traits of negativity, carelessness, jealousy and emotional confusion. However, you harbor the confidence to persevere. You enjoy retreat to your dream world where you can make the rules. Pisces are blind to outward appearance and can often lead your partner to new levels of perception.

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